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The cunning Mr. Turtle and Mr. Dog in search of happiness

 once two friends, Mr. Tortoise and Mr. Dog. They wanted to travel to the king of the jungle to ask him for their happiness. Before they left home, Mr. Turtle suggested they come up with new names. Mr. Tortoise gave himself the name Everyone and Mr. Dog was given the name You by Mr. Tortoise.  

When they came to the king of the jungle, he asked their names. Mr. Turtle and Mr. Dog introduced themselves as Everyone and You. The king prepared a very good meal and called everyone to come and eat.  

Mr. Tortoise immediately sat down and ate all the food. He told Mr. Dog that the meal was for Everyone, because that was his name. Mr. Dog thought he was right. This happened for three days. Mr. Dog got so hungry that he went to the garbage can to look for food.

The king saw this and was amazed! Did he not like the food? He asked Mr. Dog why he ate from the garbage can. Mr. Dog apologized. He told the king that on the way to the jungle, Mr. Turtle had changed their names to Everyone and You.

The king suddenly understood what was going on, came up with a plan and told Mr. Dog not to worry.

That evening the king again prepared an extensive meal and invited Mr. Tortoise and Mr. Dog, saying: Come and eat yourself!

Mr. Tortoise was extremely surprised. He agreed with Mr. Dog that the food was meant for him. Now Mr. Tortoise had no food and this was unbearable for him. After three days, Mr. Turtle wanted to go home, because he suddenly realized what was going on. “Only you get food,” he said to Mr. Dog, “it is never for everyone.”  

The next morning they went home. Mr. Dog with a full belly and a satisfied feeling, while Mr. Tortoise felt unhappy and miserable. 


Thanks Annedien for helping out.

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