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Kunst cv

1966        Benin-City, Edo, Nigeria
_               Immaculate Conception College, Benin City
_               School of Art and Design In Auchi
1992-93    Minevia kunst Acedemie,  Groningen ,Nederland.
1989        moves to the Netherlands
1996         lives in Enschede
solo exhibitions
Te workom  Expositi
1992        Expositie in Friesland
’05 – 2016  Galerie Huijs Basten Asbeck Groenlo
2008       African Studies Centre. Leiden NL, “The more you look, the more you segroe
2006        Galerie  Bettenhaussen, Amsterdam
2011        Galerie 23, Amsterdam (15 mei t/m 19 juni)
2012        African Studies Centre. Leiden NL, “The Imagination of Freedom” July 12-October 15.
2013        Galerie WVII – Enschede
2014        Galerie Alafran – Diepenheim
2016        Galerie Alafran – Diepenheim
2015        art@nuyens VM23, Arnhem “Osagie Edomwandagbon”
2003        Galerie Lamboya huis Hengelo.
2009        Galerie Objectief- Enschede.


group exhibitions
C1996        Expositie  te Groningen

CODA museum 20015  te apeldooren
2009       Galerie Dorie Haarman -Raalte
2006        Galerie  Bettenhaussen, Amsterdam
2010        Galerie Alafran – Diepenheim
2010        Het Pathé Huis museum – Oldenzaal
2010        Boulevard Amandla – Belgium
2011         Projections & Perspectives, ACEC, Apeldoorn,
2017        Cultureel erfgoed Enschede
2015        De Lente Salon, VM23 Arnhem
2009        Group-kerkraden, Nederland
2000        Open galerie, Gemany

In his paintings, mythological and psychological themes tumble over each other 

Osagie exhibits regularly in the East and West of the Netherlands. He had a busy schedule last year, with exhibitions in the ‘Palthehuis’ in Oldenzaal, the ACEC building in Apeldoorn, and at Gallery 23 on the KNSM island in Amsterdam. His exhibition there was opened by Hilde de Bruijn, curator of the Cobra Museum, who is, just as many others, fascinated by his work. After his exposition at Gallery 23, he exhibited at gallery Huijs Basten Asbeck in Groenlo. Right now, he is is back at the African Studies Centre in Leiden, where he showed his art to the public in 2009 as well.

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